Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blythe Masters Article: JP Morgan set to take on commodity giants with Sempra buyout

This January 2010 Business Daily Africa article detailing the purchase of RBS Sempra Commodities for an estimated $4 billion by JPMorgan Chase Commodities Business headed by Blythe Masters:

"For decades, two names have dominated the $4 trillion world of commodity and energy derivatives trading: Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. If Wall Street power woman Blythe Masters has her way, a third will soon be making it a troika: JP Morgan."

"The former credit derivatives wunderkind who has built JP Morgan’s commodities business into a true global powerhouse in just three years is on the cusp of buying RBS Sempra Commodities for an estimated $4 billion, bringing an unusual but highly successful hybrid trading operation —one that carefully mixes customer-flow business with prop-trading risk — under the well-capitalised JP Morgan umbrella."

The article continues on to describe the full ramifications of the purchase, potential hurdles, and the like.
"It would be a career-crowning coup for British-born Masters, at 40 one of the most successful women on Wall Street"
"Masters, a Cambridge-educated derivatives expert and avid amateur horse rider, was drafted into commodities from the Chief Financial Officer role in early 2007 after JP Morgan’s first major foray into energy markets went awry."

Read the full article on Sempra Commodities acquisition here.

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